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Aerodome: Rising Horizons

Aerodome: Rising Horizons

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In Aerodome, players select a pilot to represent them in the Aerodome, craft their Maneuver Hands from their collection, and challenge others in a game of one-on-one aerial combat. During their turn, players activate cards to move their ship around the board, engage with special attacks against their foes, and hope that their pilot has a trick or two up their sleeve to become the champion of the Aerodome.

Aerodome is a game of both chance and skill, expertly crafted as a quick to play, easy to learn, difficult to master gaming experience.

The Game

In each Aerodome game, rounds are broken up in three phases: Initiative, Action and End.

Initiative Phase
Each turn starts with the initiative phase. Players secretly select one of their 9 Battle cards from their hand and place it face down. Once both players are ready, they simultaneously reveal their selected cards. The player who revealed the highest initiative Battle card gets to complete their Action phase first.

Action Phase
During a player’s Action phase, they complete the actions listed on the active card’s action bar. Players must complete actions from the top of the card to the bottom, but can skip any action that is not locked.

Locked actions are indicated by the lock icon.

Reactive Actions with a black background allow players to perform the maneuver up to the speed listed.

Keywords and unique pilot abilities may also change how actions and cards interact. Once a player completes their Action phase, the turn proceeds to the next player.

End Phase
After both players have completed their Action phases, they return their active battle card to their hand and begin a new game turn. Cards with the Dazed keyword receive dazed tokens and cannot be returned to the player’s hand until they have played a card with the Recover keyword to remove dazed tokens.

When a fighter has taken 15 damage, they are defeated leaving the fighter remaining as the victor. Do you have what it takes to become the Aerodome Champion? Can you help decide the fate of the galactic-verse?

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