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In a magically altered 17th century, the Italian lands that survived the Witchplague are now called Ausonia, and powerful houses rule over them. Every player impersonates the leader of such a family and, with the help of supporters and magical gemstones, tries to become the next ruler of the city-states.

In Ausonia, players impersonate powerful House Leaders who aim to increase their influence across the lands. During their journey on becoming the most influential noble, they enhance their starter decks by purchasing and playing more and more powerful cards and collecting valuable gems as the fuel of the innovative resource system that also provides an arc to the game. Any player can go from zero to hero by improving their deck and creating crafty combinations that result in an exciting endgame.

  • Several different keywords make sure that the players have great control over their deck and they can manipulate the game-flow.
  • The Raise mechanics provides a great possibility to use your weak and unwanted cards to your advantage.
  • Nobody can interfere with your round! This way, you can create powerful multiple-card combinations undisturbed.
  • Challenging and thrilling Solo mode included.
  • Two expansions are instantly available making the game more vivid.


In Masters of Shadows the base game is extended with Leader Cards, new Favour Cards and Mission Cards to seize powerful Artefacts.

Leader Cards:
If you are done playing with everyday nobility, slip into the roles of 6 leaders from great houses, which have special abilities and very distinct gameplay style.

Leader Starter Decks:
These leaders not only have unique abilities, but also 3-3 respective Favour Cards. The Gem Cards of the base games' starter decks just have to be shuffled with them and they are ready to play.

Artefact Cards:
Those longing for power have the opportunity to acquire the invaluable Artefacts of 6 guilds, providing further advantages during the game.

Mission Cards:
These Artifacts don't come easy, missions have to be accomplished to gather them!

9 House Leader Cards
27 Leader Starter Cards
40 Artefact Cards
10 Mission Cards
1 Rulebook

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