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MTG: Modern Horizons 3

MTG: Modern Horizons 3

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MTG: Modern Horizons 3 (Release Date 6/14/2014)

Modern Horizons 3 brings a heaping helping of exciting new cards to Modern. Allied fetch lands return alongside power-packed new cards like double-faced Planeswalkers you're sure to flip for.

Play Booseters - Draft with friends, spice up your Modern deck, or meet your next Commander—Play Boosters are perfect for both Limited play and opening packs just for fun.

Collector Boosters - Crush your friends with style. Every Collector Booster contains 7 alt-frame cards, plus the possibility of Foil-Etched cards, a Textured Foil card, or even a Serialized card.

Commander Decks - Introducing 15 never-before-seen cards in each deck, these mighty 100-card decks come ready to defeat your opponents right out of the box.

Collector Edition Commander Decks - Get all the cards in the Commander Decks upgraded with an exclusive new Ripple Foil treatment—including 2 Borderless Profile Legendary Creatures!

Bundle - Explore the set with a Bundle of power-packed cards and accessories, including 9 Play Boosters, 30 Lands (10 with Full Art), and an exclusive Spindown.

Gift Bundle - With all the power and accessories of the Bundle, plus a Collector Booster packed with Rares, foils, and alt-frame cards, we won’t judge if you get this gift for yourself.

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