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Prowlers and Paragons: Blood and Justice - Welcome to Nocturne

Prowlers and Paragons: Blood and Justice - Welcome to Nocturne

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Blood & Justice: Welcome to Nocturne presents a gritty Iron Age superhero setting, a dark and frightening place where ordinary people live in terror of crime and senseless violence.

Continually fighting to keep from sinking into the swamp on which it was built, Nocturne is a city of intrigue, danger, and adventure. It’s a wretched place to live—heavy with the stink of rot and death, blazingly hot in the summer, freezing cold in the winter, humid and rainy year-round. The crossroads of a dozen cultures over its nearly four centuries of existence, Nocturne is filled with mystery and decadence.

BLOOD & JUSTICE is a setting of vigilante action, where the Punisher would feel right at home. It's a place where Cloak and Dagger would fight crime in the alleys while Venom and Witchblade battle it out on the rooftops. It's a place for anti-heroes writ large, where violence and gunplay meet detective work and investigations.

BLOOD & JUSTICE is a world in which the heroes can’t hold back, because the villains are sinister and destructive. Society is crumbling; the city of Nocturne is a place where law and order are on the edge of a knife, corruption rules the streets, and the government stands by to watch everything fall apart – and only a few hard-bitten crimefighters can make a difference.

Welcome to Nocturne is a full-color book introducing a world in desperate need of heroes. This book features:

  • How to run an Iron Age game, and what makes Iron Age games different from other types of superhero games. This chapter discusses campaign themes—the concepts that make your game unique and exciting.
  • Details about using the optional Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition Gritty Combat rules and which Powers, Perks, and Flaws are appropriate for the genre.
  • Advice about how to create characters for an Iron Age game, and eight character templates (the Uplifted Animal, the Cyborg, the Gun-Slinger, the Martial Arts Master, the Ninja, the Rage Monster, the Revenant, and the Heroic Vampire) to help build your own dark heroes.
  • A full breakdown of the haunted city of Nocturne: its history, its geography, and its people. This section includes the various neighborhoods in and around Nocturne, the great swamp in which the city sits, and the world where it’s situated.
  • A Random Adventure Generator to help you create adventures on the fly, as well as several examples of how to use it.
  • Dozens of plot seeds throughout the whole book!
  • A full campaign investigating the death of Nocturne’s greatest hero, Heartbreaker.
  • Four different alternate campaign settings: modern day Nocturne, one inspired by the great cartoons of the late 1999s, another in a barbarous land of blood and dark sorcery, and finally, one taking place in the years following the American Civil War.
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