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Sanctum Imperialis Palatine Map

Sanctum Imperialis Palatine Map

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The walls have fallen. The defenders’ unity is broken. The Inner Palace lies in ruins. The Warmaster’s horde advances through the fire and ash of Terra’s dying breaths, forcing the Loyalists back to the very walls of the Sanctum Imperialis. Angron leads the armies of the damned in a wrathful tide, destroying all before them as the warp begins its poisonous corruption of Terra.

Follow the desperate defence of the Emperor's forces and see the scale of the devastation being wrought upon the Sanctum Imperialis with this glorious map. Plan the last desperate defence of the Loyalists or your impending victory, if you're a follower of Horus.

This A2 sized (594mm x 420mm) map is a must-have for any fans of The Horus Heresy or Siege of Terra series of novels. It is printed on cotton, wrapped in a faux leather map-case (measuring 640mm x 450mm), and secured with a faux leather cord attached to an engraved metallic pendant. Each map is presented in a matt lamination box, with gold foil blocking.

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