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Star Wars: X-Wing 2nd Ed: Most Wanted

Star Wars: X-Wing 2nd Ed: Most Wanted

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SCUM AND VILLAINY POWERHOUSE: Elevate your Scum and Villainy faction to new heights with the Most Wanted Expansion Pack for X-Wing! Unleash the criminal underworld's might with Scum-themed starships and upgrades.
THREE STARSHIP MINIATURES: This expansion includes three starship miniatures featuring captivating Scum-themed paint schemes, bringing the gritty, lawless edge of the galaxy to your tabletop battles.
EXPANSIVE SHIP CARDS: Access a wealth of ship cards, including four Scum Firespray-31, four Scum HWK-290, six Scum Y-wing, and six Scum Z-95 Headhunter ship cards, allowing you to diversify your Scum fleet.
UPGRADE YOUR ARSENAL: With a staggering nineteen upgrade cards, you'll have an array of powerful tools and enhancements at your disposal to customize your starships and outwit your opponents.
VERSATILE REPURPOSING: Easily repurpose your existing X-Wing starships for Scum and Villainy faction battles using this expansion's maneuver dials and tokens for Firespray-31, HWK-290, Y-wing, and Z-95 Headhunters.

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