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Wakening Lair: The Dark Forest (

Wakening Lair: The Dark Forest (

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In Wakening Lair: The Dark Forest, 1-6 players must cooperate against overwhelming odds to rid a classic fantasy themed dark and spooky forest of its assorted ne’er-do-well monsters and haunts. Should they succeed, songs will be sung of their noble exploits for generations to come. If they fail, then the Dark Forest’s evil will spread across the realm.

Wakening Lair: The Dark Forest is a 1-6 player fully cooperative dungeon delve which plays in 45-60 minutes. Each player assumes one of nine heroes forming a party which must explore the forest disturbing and vanquishing its denizens. As they do, they’ll receive treasure in the form of weapons and magic items. Eventually, one of six monstrous terrors will awaken and try to escape the dark forest. Victory is achieved by defeating it before that happens!

Wakening Lair: The Dark Forest is a standalone sequel to the original Wakening Lair and the components of both games can be swapped for unique and new game combinations.

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